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  • Creating and validating new accounts has been resolved.  Please open a ticket if any issues still persist.

  • New City Portals added to all major cities to link together.  Vanilla portals will be active right away, but end game portals will still need to be unlocked first.

  • Come get your grind on and hit cap in no time!!!

  • The recent issue that caused new players to not get the verification email has been resolved.  You will need to re-sign up.  All invalid accounts have been deleted.

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  • Back @ it

    Posted by: Wittyphantom333|  02-07-2020
  • Here we go again!!!

  • NoMercyEver presents WotLK 3.3.5a

    Please login with your account username and password or register.

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  • Email Issues

    Posted by: Nomercyever Dev Team|  31-12-1969
  • We are aware of current email issues. Please open a ticket to resolve.
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  • Welcome!

    Posted by: Nomercyever Dev Team|  30-01-2017
  • Migrated to ZedHosting!

    We are please to announce that we are now hosted on ZedHosting and their award winning platform!!!.


◄~ Server Rates ~►

  • 2-3 Man Dungeons (Solo if you can)
  • 1v1 Arenas
  • Cross-faction interaction.
  • Transmog Vendors with multiple Options
  • Guild Housing
  • Weapon Illusion Vendor
  • Custom or lore-breaking items do not exist.

  • [Gold]: 5x
    [Professions & Gathering]: 7x
    [Kill Experience]: 5x
    [Quest Experience]: 10x
    [Drops]: 2x
    [Quest Item Drops]: 5x
    [Honor]: 2x
    [Arena Points]: 1x


    Vote System

    • Please vote daily to earn our server reputation help us grow in population!

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    Server Info

    • Realm name: Argent Dawn
    • Realm status:  Online Online
    • Online:  0
    • Server IP:
    • Type: RPPVP
    • Language: United States
    • Population: Low
    • Accounts: 67 (33 Active)
    • Characters: 72